About The Client
Coco' Creation is an Australian company that creates skincare and personal care products using natural ingredients, specially coconut oil and coconut-based products. 
Their goal is to expand to the North American market and they wanted to update their identity and packaging to reflect their brand philosophy and minimalist approach to skincare. 
They formulate and craft their products in small batches, with great attention to detail.

Client's original packaging
About the target:
Their main target is young women from 18 to 35 years old, middle to upper middle class who already have a skincare routine but are always looking for natural and cruelty-free products. They have an active lifestyle and an equally active social media accounts.
The Moodboard
The Approach
Dennis, the founder of the company needed a "no non-sense" identity. Something clean, straightforward and minimalist. So my first instinct was to approach it with a wordmark. 
After several rounds of proposals with different word-marks that didn't quite hit the spot it started to become clear I needed to change my approach.
So I re-evaluated the proposal and chose to work on a monogram.
The Result
After several tries I came up with a double C monogram that was clean, minimal and distinctive. It was inspired by a coconut half and I was very pleased with the result and the level of abstraction achieved.
The Packaging
For the packaging we chose to keep the identity clean and use a naked approach, in line with the brand's philosophy of clean, simple products. We chose to display the content of the product as the main protagonist so the consumer can see the color and texture of each individual product.

The result was a clean, sophisticated packaging that communicates clearly the brand's minimalist skincare commitment and lets the product be the protagonist.

Icons for website
Along with the packaging I developed the icons for their e-commerce platform, to tie-in the identity and keep the same visual language thorough all channels.
All photos are courtesy of coco' creation.
Moodboard photos by Pexels
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