About the client:
Eat Healthy is a Singapore-based frozen soup company. They are committed to deliver hight quality products to their consumers, they make fresh soup with organic ingredients and flash-freeze it to ensure the flavor and nutrients are still there when they are re-heated and consumed. 
About the target market:
Their target market are young professionals who want to eat healthier or are very health-oriented and already eat balanced diets but are too busy to cook at home and need a quick and tasty alternative to have dinner or take lunch to work. Something that is budget-friendly and still nutritious.
They are tech savvy, mostly digital natives, so they want to order their food online and have them delivered to their homes or places of work. Or pick it up on the different refrigerated stations located around the city.
The Problem
When Dean, one of the founders approached me, he already had developed a logo with the help of a designer and a packaging solution but he believed it wasn't appealing enough to their target market and since they are a small business they needed a budget-friendly packaging solution that made the soups look appealing; something challenging considering it is a liquid frozen product and there isn't much "taste appeal" in their current packaging. 
Also they needed to inform the consumer about the instructions to reheat the product using different methods, the individual ingredients of each soup and needed a way to track their inventory using an UPC code.
They also wanted to refresh their identity, since they deemed it too generic and needed an extra push to get where they wanted it to be.
Getting to work
The first thing I tackled was their brand identity, they wanted to use a carrot since it is a universal vegetable and was already part of their identity. It made sense to me so I chose to create a simple logo that would be easy to identify but also fun and playful. The first iteration of logos included the carrot and a spoon, to reinforce the idea the they sold soups but after a couple of rounds they chose they didn't wanted to associate with soup exclusively; they eventually wanted to create a full range of products: pasta dishes, cookies, sauces and plant-based butters.
The solution
Brand Identity
The final identity is vibrant and fun. The suggested color palette took inspiration from nature, and was amped up a bit to infuse energy to the brand. This identity would be used on packaging, web, social media, menus, printed materials so it needed to be clean, recognizable and versatile.
The Packaging
Designing a new package was challenging due to budget restrictions they couldn't afford to print 7 different bag designs and since the soups were or rotation according to the season they needed a packaging solution that would allow customization in case they run out of certain ingredients. 
I chose to create a two-piece package to solve this problem. 
The first piece will be the pouch, the pouch will be the same for all soups, I worked on a package layout to increase the taste-appeal, instead of displaying the full content I chose to create an illustration of a plate of soup, that will double as a window to see a small piece of the content. The bag features the most important selling points for all soups along with the re-heating instructions in the back.
The second part of the packaging is made of individual labels for each soup, the labels were a budget-friendly solution, easier to customize and to rotate so it was a great fit for them. Each label displays the name of the soup, the ingredients, allergens, a nutritional table and a quick link to re-order the product from their website using a QR code.
The final product
Line Extension
After designing the pouches for the soups, Dean asked me to implement a line extension for their new line of pastas. The pastas will be sold in individual take-out boxes and we chose to stick to using labels to display the information on each box. Since the boxes will be closed, I opted to show an image of each dish on the front of the label.
Advertising Materials
As part of the project, I also worked on the advertising materials. The main objective of those were to introduce the brand, promote the dishes and direct the target audience to the website. 
Credits: Photos provided by Eat Healthy
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