About the client
Pickin is a condiment brand part of the Mexicotessen group, they sell a wide range of powdered condiments and spices as a wholesaler and were looking to re-design their packaging to enter the American market. 
I worked along with the talented team at The AdFolks to re-design their line of condiments and had a blast doing it.
The Original
Their original packaging looked outdated and the hierarchy and elements leaved much to be desired, they didn't liked the fact that it didn't reflected the quality of their products and were ready to see something new and exciting.
The Scope
Earlier on we noticed this was going to be a packaging system project, since their products were separated within three main categories.
The identity
The logo was designed by Santiago Colunga and it is inspired in traditional papel picado and incorporates a jaguar as part of the pre-hispanic heritage of the brand.
The Packaging System
Once we separated the categories and placed the flavors accordingly we came up with a pattern per category and a color theme for each flavor. 
We also needed a way to communicate the consumer about the level of spiciness for each favor so I came up with a small system using tiny flames which needed to be displayed in the from of the package. The patterns were designed by The AdFolks team.
The Result
The final package system is organized, vibrant and easier to identify, each bottle displays clearly the brand, name of the product and spiciness level making it easier for the final consumer to pick the one that fits their needs.

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